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Meeting Room Policy and Application

By continuing to the Room Use Application below, I am agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Byron Public Library Meeting Room Policy.

Type of Meetings:
Priority for the use of the meeting rooms will be given in the following order:

    1. Library sponsored meetings or programs
    2. Non-profit organization (Located in Byron area or serving the Byron area) sponsored meetings or programs
    3. Other meetings or programs

Types of Facilities:
Large meeting room -75 people
Conference room - 12 people
Activity room - 30 people

Hours of Meetings:
The meeting rooms are available during regular library hours, up to 1/2 hour before closing. Exception to these hours is at the discretion of the Library Director. If the room is used when the Library is closed, a library staff member will be in the building and $25/hour fee will be charged to the user of the room.

Fee for Meeting Room:
There is no charge for non-profit use of the meeting rooms. For-profit organizations, as well as persons hosting an event that has the potential for financial gain for a non-charitable purpose will be charged $25 per hour for the room.

Refreshments are allowed in the meeting rooms. Clean-up is the responsibility of the persons or group using the room. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited entirely.

Use of Library equipment in the meeting room:
Library equipment (projector, computer, electronic games, etc.) is available for use in the meeting room for a $25 fee. This fee will compensate for staff time for set-up, operation instruction and assistance, and take-down of equipment.

It is expected that every group meeting in the library will keep the meeting space clean. If a group does not keep the room in reasonable order, the group will be charged a custodial fee. A group which leaves the meeting room facilities in disorder may be denied future use of a meeting room.

Reservations for the use of the meeting room must be made on the form provided at the Circulation Desk. The application form will be processed by the Library staff. In general, only library-sponsored group meetings are allowed room use more than once per week.

Cancellation of a meeting:
When it is necessary to cancel a meeting, the Library should be notified. Failure to cancel within 24 hours of a meeting time could result in the forfeiture of meeting privileges. Under unusual circumstances such as severe weather, it may not be possible to cancel 24 hours in advance.

Storage of items:
No storage of items by non-library groups is allowed in the Library.

Mailing Address:
No group using rooms at the Library may use the Library as a mailing address. Any mail so received will be returned to the sender marked "addressee unknown".

Age of Users of Meeting Rooms:
Groups composed of members under the age of 18 must have an adult sponsor in attendance at their meeting(s).

Conditions of Meeting Rooms:
Care must be given when using a room. Signs and other decorations are not to be taped to walls, doors, or windows.

It is not permissible for any group to rearrange library furniture or to borrow furnishings from other parts of the Library without the permission of the Library staff. Groups are to leave the rooms in as good or better condition than found.

Use of Meeting Rooms:
Since the meeting facilities are open to all types of groups, the Library does not necessarily endorse the philosophies or practices of those meeting. The facilities will be made available on "an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs and affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use", according the Article VI of the Library Bill of Rights as adopted by the American Library Association.

Programs may not disrupt the use of the Library by others. Persons attending the meetings are subject to all library rules and regulations.

Forms may be faxed to 815-234-5582 or emailed to library@byron.lib.il.us Revised February 10, 2016

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