Genealogy and Byron Historical Information

Obituary Listing

This Excel file contains obituary information about residents from Byron and the surrounding area. You will find more than just names and dates. We have tried to fill in as many blanks as possible. For those of you researching your family history, this file should not be overlooked! You might find the name of a distant relative you never knew existed. Please keep in mind that this file is always under construction. We will update it periodically as we make changes. While browsing, if you should find a mistake, please send us an email so that we can investigate. Information listed in red means we already know something is wrong with the entry and we are working to fix it. Finally, if you are looking for someone who is not listed please send us an email with as much information as possible about the individual in question and we will do our best to find answers for you. Contact us at library@byron.lib.il.us. Thank you for your patience with this project!

1976-2000 1874-1979

Byron Business Review 1952

Check out who was who in 1952! The Byron Business Review not only lists the names of businesses in Byron operating in 1952, but also lots of photos and facts about those businesses. Can you guess where some of those businesses were actually located, and what is in its place today?

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Dedication of Temple Byron Lodge 1858-1979

This file contains a digital copy of the program that was created for the dedication of the Byron masonic lodge’s new temple August 5, 1979. This booklet gives a brief history of the lodge, its members, and its work in the area through most of 1979.

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