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The Unexpected Love Story of Alfred Fiddleduckling by Timothy Basil Ering

unexpected love story of alfred fiddleduckling

When Captain Alfred's boat is caught in an unexpected storm everything aboard the ship is flung to the far reaches of the sea except one little duckling and a fiddle that the the duckling embraces with all his heart.

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How to Catch a Leprechaun by Adam Wallace

how to catch a leprechaun

Children build various traps, trying to catch the leprechaun as he brings mischief to each of their houses.

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Franky by Leo Timmers


Sam has a lot of imagination. He loves robots and looks at the stars, imagining that robots live there. But Sam's parents are so busy doing mundane, ordinary things like vacuuming and gardening that they have have lost all their imagination. Although Sam and his parents speak the same language, they don't understand each other. Sam wants to share his beliefs and the only one who can understand him is ... a robot. Thanks to his imagination, Sam builds Franky out of the ordinary objects his parents use. Although Franky and Sam don't speak the same language they DO understand each other because they share the same imagination and passion. That's why they become such good friends.

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I'll Wait, Mr. Panda by Steve Antony

i'll wait mr panda

Mr. Panda is making something, and all of his animal friends are interested--but only Penguin is willing to wait to see what it is.

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Blue Penguin by Petr Horácek

blue penguin

Rejected by his fellow penguins because of his unusual color, minimal diving, and jumping skills, Blue Penguin begins to sing in his loneliness and wonders if he will be able to convince the others that he is one of them.

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Steamboat school : inspired by a true story, St. Louis, Missouri: 1847 by Deborah Hopkinson

steamboat school

In 1847 St. Louis, Missouri, when a new law against educating African Americans forces Reverend John to close his school, he finds an ingenious solution to the new state law by moving his school to a steamboat in the Mississippi River. Includes author's note on Reverend John Berry Meachum, a minister, entrepreneur, and educator who fought tirelessly for the rights of African Americans.

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20 Big Trucks in the Middle of the Street by Mark Lee

20 big trucks in the middle of the street

Count the trucks getting stuck in a traffic jam in this rhythmic read-aloud sure to draw in kids who love everything on wheels.

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Freedom in Congo Square by Carole Boston Weatherford

freedom in congo square

As slaves relentlessly toiled in an unjust system in 19th century Louisiana, they all counted down the days until Sunday, when at least for half a day they were briefly able to congregate in Congo Square in New Orleans. Here they were free to set up an open market, sing, dance, and play music. They were free to forget their cares, their struggles, and their oppression. This story chronicles slaves' duties each day, from chopping logs on Mondays to baking bread on Wednesdays to plucking hens on Saturday, and builds to the freedom of Sundays and the special experience of an afternoon spent in Congo Square.

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Bunny's Book Club by Annie Silvestro

bunny's book club

Bunny loves reading so much that he begins sneaking into the library at night to borrow books, and soon his friends want to join him.

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Hatching Chicks in Room 6 by Caroline Arnold

hatching chicks in room 6

Follow a classroom of kindergartners as they participate in a popular activity: hatching chicks. Readers learn about the life cycle of a chicken, incubating eggs, watching them hatch, and raising the chicks until they are old enough to return to the chicken coop.

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Our Very Own Dog by Amanda McCardie

our very own dog

Sophie is a boisterous and lovable Jack Russell, brought home from a rescue centre. The book follows her delightful adventures: join Sophie and her new family as she learns how to respond how to orders such as "sit" and "stay", is taken for walks in the park where she encounters other dogs and accidentally wins a dog show! The smaller caption text gives readers information about feeding and grooming your dog, different dog breeds, communication and training, and how dogs respond to human voices.

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Pax and Blue by Lori Richmond

pax and blue

A little boy forms an unlikely friendship with a pigeon who knows what it's like to be small

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