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How to Draw a Dragon by Douglas Florian

How to draw a dragon

llustrations and rhyming text guide the reader in drawing scaly, knobby-kneed dragons that fly, play musical instruments, ride bicycles, and more.

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Dog's Don't Do Ballet by Anna Kemp

Dog's don't Do Ballet

My dog is not like other dogs. He doesn't do dog stuff like weeing on lampposts or scratching his fleas, or drinking out of the toilet. No, my dog likes moonlight and music and walking on his tiptoes. You see, my dog doesn't think he's a dog. My dog thinks he's a ballerina!

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Fox's Garden by Princesse CamCam

Fox's garden

One snowy night, a fox loses its way, entering a village. Chased away by the grown ups, Fox takes shelter in a greenhouse. A little boy sees this from his window. Without hesitating, he brings a basket of food to the greenhouse, where he leaves it for the fox. His gift is noticed and the night becomes a garden of new life, nourished by compassion and kindness

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Tell Me What to Dream About by Giselle Potter

Tell me what to dream about

At bedtime, a little girl asks her big sister to tell her what to dream about and together they imagine the possibilities.

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Under a Pig Tree : a History of the Noble Fruit by Margie Palatini

Under a pig tree : a history of the noble fruit

Using sticky notes, an author tries to convince her publisher that her book is about figs, not pigs, but the wording, illustrations, and even recipes present pigs as growing on trees, and tasty with orange and ginger sauce.

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Wild About Us by Karen Beaumont

Wild About Us

From Elephant's long nose to Kangaroo's huge feet to Monkey's stick-out ears, everyone is worth celebrating, no matter what they look like.

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Nana in the City by Lauren Castillo

Nana in the city

A young boy is frightened by how busy and the city is when he goes there to visit his Nana, but she makes him a fancy red cape that keeps him from being scared as she shows him how wonderful a place it is.

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The Farmer and the Clown by Marla Frazee

The farmer and the clown

A wordless picture book in which a farmer rescues a baby clown who's bounced off the circus train, and reunites him with his clown family.

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Orangutanka : a story in poems by Margarita Engle

Orangutanka : a story in poems

All the orangutans are ready for a nap in the sleepy depths of the afternoon--all except one. Written in a series of linked poems in the tanka style, which is an ancient Japanese form of poetry.

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Tommy Can't Stop by Tim Federle

Tommy can't stop

Tommy's worn out his parents and sister with his bouncing, clomping, and leaping, but when they convince him to try tap dancing, he finds it the perfect outlet for his energy.

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Roger is Reading a Book by Koen VanBiesen

Roger is reading a book

Roger wants some peace and quiet so he can read his book, but his neighbor Emily has some hobbies of her own -- very loud ones!

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Weeds Find a Way by Cynthia Jenson-Elliott

Weeds find a way

Describes some of the ways that weeds live and grow in the most hostile environments, such as a tangle of tree roots or a crack in the cellar of an old house, where other plants cannot thrive.

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