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New Children's Picture Books

Happy Dreamer by Peter H. Reynolds

happy dreamer

A "dreamer maximus" describes the many ways one can dream, and the importance of being a happy dreamer.

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Sea Monkey & Bob by Aaron Reynolds

sea monkey & bob

A seamonkey who is afraid of sinking and a pufferfish afraid of floating to the surface conquer their fears by sticking together.

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Finders Keepers by Keiko Kasza

finders keepers

When a squirrel uses his red hat to mark the spot where he buried an acorn, he sets off a chain of events involving other creatures, each of which finds an unusual use for the chapeau.

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Shawn Loves Sharks by Curtis Manley

shawn loves sharks

Shawn loves sharks with all his heart, so when his nemisis, Stacy, is assigned "sharks" for the big class project, Shawn is not happy

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Fruits in Suits by Jared Chapman

fruits in suits

Different types of fruits going to the pool look at some of the different types of suits a fruit can wear.

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Warning: do not open this book! by Adam Lehrhaupt

warning do not open this book

Monkeys, toucans, and alligators unleash mayhem.

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Take Your time: a tale of Harriet, the Galapagos tortoise by Eva Furrow

take your time

A tortoise from the Galapagos Islands goes on an adventure--at her own speed

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Duck, Duck, Dinosaur by Kallie George

duck duck dinosaur

Three eggs hatch, resulting in an unusual but happy family.

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The Green Umbrella by Jackie Kramer

green umbrella

When Elephant takes a quiet stroll with his green umbrella, he is hindered by Hedgehog, Cat, Bear, and Rabbit, each asserting that his umbrella is truly their boat, tent, flying machine, and cane.

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My Awesome Summer, by P. Mantis by Paul Meisel

my awesome summer

The life cycle of a praying mantis.

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Carrot & Pea by Morag Hood

carrot & pea

Although he is different in size, color, and shape, the peas like and accept their friend, Colin the carrot.

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Town is By the Sea by Joanne Schwartz

town is by the sea

Throughout his day, a young boy thinks of his father who is working in the coal mine that is located underneath the ocean.

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