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New Children's Picture Books

The Polar Bear by Jenni Desmond

polar bear

A gorgeously illustrated nonfiction book about the polar bear, this is a factually accurate as well as a poetic exploration of polar bear bodies, habits, and habitats. Working in a painterly, expressive way, Jenni Desmond creates landscapes and creatures that are marked by atmosphere and emotion, telling a story about bears that engages the reader's interest in amazing facts as well as their deep sense of wonder.

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Are We Still Friends? by Ruth Horowitz

are we still friends

Beatrice raises bees and her neighbor Abel raises apples, and the two live in harmony, until a misunderstanding causes them to get into a fight--and it takes an accident for them to realize how much they need each other.

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Life on Mars by Jon Agee

life on mars

A young astronaut is trying to find life on Mars, but he's made a very big oversight

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Ladybug Girl and the Best Ever Playdate by David Soman

best ever playdate

Lulu is excited to play with the toy that her best friend Finny brings over, but when the toy loses a wheel and fixing it becomes a game in itself, Lulu realizes that it's even better to play with Finny.

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The Darkest Dark by Chris Hadfield

darkest dark

Young Chris loves pretending he's a brave astronaut, exploiring the universe. Only one problem--at night, he's afraid of the dark. Only when he watches the moon landing on TV does he realize how exciting the unknown can be. Inspired by the childhood of real-life astronaut Chris Hadfield

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This House, Once by Deborah Freedman

this house once

Asks readers to think about ways in which the natural world has provided for them, by exploring all the different elements of a house and where each came from, once.

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King Baby by Kate Beaton

king baby

Baby is King, and all his needs must be met by his subjects, otherwise know as his parents, but soon he will grow up, and who will rule them then?

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Becoming Bach by Tom Leonard

becoming bach

Highlights the life and achievements of the eighteenth-century German composer and musician, and examines the development of his most important compositions.

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Little Fox in the Forest by Stephanie Graegin

little fox in the forest

"A wordless picture book in which two friends follow a young fox deep into the woods and discover a wondrous and magical world

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Wish by Matthew Cordell


When an elephant couple decides it is time to have a child, unexpected challenges arise but, at last, the pair's deepest wish comes true.

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Daylight Starlight Wildlife by Wendell Minor

daylight starlight wildlife

An introduction to diurnal (daytime) and nocturnal (nighttime) animals

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We Are Brothers, We Are Friends by Alexandra Penfold

we are brothers we are friends

A brother explains to his new baby brother all the fun adventures they will have together because they are brothers and friends

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