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Dinotrux Go To School by Chris Gall

Dinotrux Go To School

Prehistoric part-dinosaur part-truck machines help each other get ready for their first day of school.

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Oliver and His Egg by Paul Schmid

Oliver and His Egg

When Oliver finds an egg, he imagines the amazing adventures they will have together.

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The Hueys in None the Number by Olvier Jeffers

The Hueys in None the Number

One of the Hueys tries to explain the concept of "none" to another by finding different numbers of items, one through ten, then taking them all away.

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Dinosaur vs School by Bob Shea

Dinosaur vs School

Fearless Dinosaur takes on new challenges as he starts preschool, from meeting new friends to pasting glitter and googly eyes, but one task requires assistance from everyone.

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When Grandpa says I Love You by Douglas Wood

When Grandpa says I Love You

Explores some of the many and varied ways a grandfather can express his love, even without saying the words, such as by sharing his coin collection, holding hands when crossing the street, and attending tea parties

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A Library Book for Bear by Bonny Becker

A Library Book for Bear

Bear does not want to go to the library. He is quite sure he already has all the books he will ever need. Yet the relentlessly cheery Mouse, small and gray and bright-eyed, thinks different. When Bear reluctantly agrees to go with his friend to the big library, neither rocket ships nor wooden canoes are enough for Bear’s picky tastes. How will Mouse ever find the perfect book for Bear?

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Ladybug Girl and the Dress-up Dilemma by David Soman

Ladybug Girl and the Dress-up Dilemma

It is Halloween and Lulu doesn't know if she should dress as Ladybug Girl or find a different costume for the special day

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Baking Day at Grandmas by Anika Denise

Baking Day at Grandmas

Three bouncing little bear siblings, wrapped tight in their winter clothes, can't wait to tromp through the snow for Baking Day at Grandma's! In a rhyming text that begs to be sung, the bears and their grandma pour and mix and stir--with breaks for hot cocoa and dancing--to create the perfect wintry treat

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Superfab Saves the Day by Berengere Delaporte

Superfab Saves the Day

With a large superhero costume collection, Superfab is the best-dressed superhero around, but his frequent costume changes often stop him for arriving in time to help people in trouble, until one day, his style sense may just save the day.

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The Orchestra Pit by Johanna Wright

The Orchestra Pit

When a slightly befuddled but surprisingly endearing snake wanders into the wrong pit--the orchestra pit--peculiar things start to happen

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Llama Llama Trick or Treat by Anna Dewdney

Llama Llama Trick or Treat

Llama Llama picks out the perfect Halloween costume and goes trick-or-treating with Mama and his friends.

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The Troublemaker by Lauren Castillo

The Troublemaker

After playing a trick on his sister by stealing her toy rabbit, a mischievous little boy wonders who the new troublemaker is when his toy raccoon disappears.

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